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Who We Are

Mynkey Consultancy Information Systems Tourism Trade Ltd. Company (Mynkey) is founded in 2020 as a Technology Company. The company is planning to provide e-commerce services in various sectors, with in-house software, to provide value-added after sales services to its customers by using emerging technologies.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose To enhance the experience of the customers related to services they receive and to be the first choice for those needing the services

To transform the after sales services in the sectors we provide services to define enhanced and differentiated user experience; and create brand new services which will disrupt the sector and will be worth repeating by competitors

Our Vision

Our vision To create difference in the services given to customers in the sectors where we will provide services, to play a leading role in the created added values, rather than being an additional player.

What We Do

We develop big ideas that sell


Everyone wants to have an excellent travel experience. No one likes problems during their travels. This requires end-to-end detailed planning.


We are a new company willing to deliver you the new requirements of Digital World, using advanced technology. We wish to be your assistant while planning for your travels, planning for your stays, booking your tickets, feeling there is someone next to you for assistance; we wish to be your guide while you are travelling, being there with you to support you. We want to be your “Digital Travel Assistant”.


We will be with you before the travel, during the travel and after the travel with our digital services.
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