Mynkey delivers end to end services for customer satisfaction using advanced technology
Mynkey is a technology company. Mynkey follows and uses advanced technology for innovative solutions. As customers, you are entitled to have the benefit of technology always advancing.
Mynkey makes your life easier with value added solutions
Mynkey believes technology should deliver solutions to your daily life challenges. We wish to differ from our competitors with our solutions which are shaped according to your needs, by adding value.
Mynkey delivers services customised for you, for your comfort
Ultimately, customers want to rely on the services they get. Mynkey delivers services customers can rely on. Ultimately, Mynkey delivers "Peace of Mind" to customers.
Our Values
Main Value 1
We commit to deliver solutions that our customers can rely on
Main Value 2
Commitment to innovation and excellence
We commit to delivering innovative solutions to our customers
Main Value 3
We will do what we say, we will say what we do
We are a new company willing to deliver you the new requirements of Digital World, using advanced technology.
We will deliver software solutions on your mobile, web or other forms of technology of your choice. We will be delivering services in different sectors. Initially we will be in the tourism sector, for your travels, personal or corporate, busines or pleasure. We wish to be with you wherever you need, wherever we can add value. Our motivation is to make you enjoy our services while finding them useful. Solutions you can rely on.
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End to end, value added travel services for your "Peace of Mind" during your travels.
We wish to be your assistant while planning for your travels, planning for your stays, booking your tickets, feeling there is someone next to you for assistance; we wish to be your guide while you are travelling, being there with you to support you. We want to be your "Personalised Digital Assistant".
We will be with you before the travel, during the travel and after the travel with our digital services.
Please follow us for more details…
Dedicated team, strong on their subjects - with value to humans in mind.
Our Purpose Icon
Our Purpose
To use technology as a driver to deliver value added services to meet the customers' needs.
To enhance the experience of the customers for the services they receive and to be the first choice for those needing the services.
To transform the after sales services in the sectors we provide services to define enhanced and differentiated user experience; and create brand new services which will disrupt the sector and will be worth repeating by competitors.
Our Vision Icon
Our Vision
In all the sectors we provide services, our vision is to create difference, to play a leading role with the innovated added values, rather than being an additional player.
To be the first choice of customers for the services we deliver
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